22 April 16

Forever Friends 2016! A beautiful gathering of women coming together from North Carolina, Alabama and Georgia that gathered at the Courtyard by Marriott Cumberland Center for a two day session.

Revived, Renew and Restore, a continued theme from Ms. Tammy Floyd’s 2015 vision, to have women come together and focus on relationships and be restored.

I spoke with Ms. Tammy after the event and she shared with me that Forever Friends is for “Sisters Only.” The diverse age group represented all walks of life! The group was designed to inspire women to love at all times and to explore the unique differences of friendship. The four main categories were: 1. “Friends for the Walk” 2. “Friends for the Hike” 3. “Friends for the Long Haul” 4. “Friends for the Journey” They learned to appreciate each of the above mentioned types. This will in turn help them understand what they can expect of themselves, and others when it comes to friendship!

I asked her, what did she want every women to take away from the seminar when it was over? She stated “she wanted them to see the importance of building positive relationships concerning sisterhood!”

Great work Ms. Tammy, you and your staff inspire me!

Douglas Simmons- Photographer.

Ms. Tammy is featured on the left consoling her friend.