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Pause & Pose at the Chic Main Alley 

What a great pleasure I had working with Reggie, an amazingly talented world fashion model, based right here in Atlanta, Georgia.

While not physically in front of the camera or runway, Reggie enjoys traveling, experiencing other cultures and he's also a foodie. If you find yourself in the Atlanta area and want to enjoy a local hangout of great people, Reggie highly suggest Taco Mac. They are known for their world famous wings and juicy burgers. His favorite work/play spot is in Miami, and when he's not scheduled for a shoot, he's indulging in all of the Miami seafood by the beach side.

Come on everyone, let's get Reggie some bookings! I highly recommend him for your next shoot!

Contact Info: Reginald Clark



Instagram: _iamreggie__

Photographer: Douglas Simmons

Special Thank You to Main Event Atlanta!

On to the next shoot!

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