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Introducing Medusa 21!

Within July's What's on Da Wire, I had the pleasure of working with one of my favorite models Virginia, AKA, GiGi at the end of June. I wanted to share with you how I overcame my fear of two beautiful reptiles.

In May, GiGI reached out to me, excited about some ideas she'd had for a shoot that involved snakes. Now America, I am PETRIFIDE of snakes and spiders but Gigi loves these reptiles and arachnids, to which some call "pets." While discussing the shoot, we came up with so many great ideas that I began to get excited as well, all while telling her in the same breath, that it was a MUST that the owner be present just in case the snake skipped its weekly meal, or just wasn't feeling new presence!

The day of the shoot!

After my assistant and I set up for our shoot, Spivey, the snake's owner, was patiently waiting for GiGi to arrive. To ease my small fear of this shoot, I thought I would ask Spivey to tell me a little more about snakes and the demeanor of his, and he happily obliged. As soon as my heart rate begins to settle down with Spivey excitedly telling me about his friend, he pulls out not only one, but two long snakes. And of course, GiGi walks in with not a care in the world, playing with them and all. Now you were not physically at our shoot, but I'm sure by reading this, you could sense my concern, making sure I kept both good eyes on both of those snakes!


Captured by: @dreamimagesproductions

Photographer: Douglas Simmons

MUA @facesbystarr_

Snake: @snakelyfe_spivey

Concept/Model: @gigiwiththecheeks


Last year, I reminded myself the importance of embracing change. Although I was nervous and skeptical about the shoot, everything turned out really well with the help of Spivey and my amazing model, Gigi! Embracing change encourages growth! When our father up above orders your steps, the adventures and hard work put in will always be covered by light, love and growth beyond measure. The goal is to be able to connect more outside of my comfort zone, and embrace change with confidence, all while building memorable experiences.

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Oh, within this picture, Spivey tried his hardest to have me hold the snakes. Something about the way the snakes felt did not work with me. With that being said, I was good standing next to them!

On to the next! 

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