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Labor Day Luncheon with That Chocolate Vegan!

September 4, 2020 

Today, my wife and I, Donna, had the pleasure of eating at That Chocolate Vegan! Personal Chef Erin Wells has a pop-up location at Dipped N’ Butter Atlanta. Donna had the Cauliflower Wangz and the Oyster Mushroom Poboy. She also selected the Maple Sautéed Kale and Fries with the Cajun seasoning. Now, I just had the Chickpea Tuna Sub with the Fries and you know I had to have the Jerk Seasoning on my fries. Lawd knows I am missing Jamaica. The Maple Sautéed Kale had the best flavor! The only thang missing was some cornbread and beer!

Now you know, rolling with Donna Simmons, we were there before the 1p.m. opening and that allowed us to get to know and talk to Chef Erin!

Doug- What made you start being a Vegan and cooking Vegan?

Chef Erin- I became vegan in 2017 and I just didn’t want to eat whatever like the products of and an animal…… here in America .. it just did not sit right with me we that would produce animals just for consumptions.. so I was not an animal lover before I went vegan, I am now, um but it was mostly I did not want the hormones, torture, I did not want what they go through to be in my body… so that is pretty much why I became Vegan and remain vegan today.

Doug - Where can people find you? C


Next time, I plan on trying the Seafood Boil. Our server told us that it was really good.

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