Breast Cancer Survivor says she loved Chemo!

Meet the beautiful, Billie Jo Adams

Billie Adams | Grandmother, physical activist, and breast cancer survivor always looking on the bright side of things.

Discusses her liking of chemotherapy and her new pair of breasts!

Posted on December 10, 2020, at 8:00a.m. ET. Atlanta, Georgia.

Written and photographed by Douglas Simmons; Photojournalist- Dream Images Productions

Video- Partnership with The Bold Opinion- Jannah B, Editor, Videographer

Last month, I sat down with Billie Jo Adams - Omaha, Nebraska’s own, to talk candidly about her breast cancer journey. Billie works as a Service Assurance Specialist for Cox Communications in the Atlanta Corporate Office. I’ve worked on many projects with Billie and I must say, her work ethic has always been impeccable, and I’m not saying that because she’s my friend, but because it’s true.

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Cancer!? A word that can be overwhelming to so many. I learned about Breast Cancer many years ago when my Mother’s best friend was diagnosed and later died from the disease. Along my journey, I continued meeting other women diagnosed. Earlier this year, my Sister-In-Law was diagnosed; had the surgery and now continues to recover with no major issues, thanks be to God! In 2017, while working out in our company gym, I noticed something different about my friend Billie, later to find out during our many friendly talks, that she was another person I’d known, diagnosed with cancer.

When Billie mentioned this news to me, I was shocked! Here was a woman that worked out consistently in the gym twice a day, she was physically fit, energetic, loved to have fun and probably could do more pushups, and out run or bike you before you could get your second wind- so how could this be? Stage 4 cancer? According to medical providers, Metastatic breast cancer (MBC), also known as advanced or stage IV, is Breast Cancer that has spread beyond the breast to other parts of the body. The common places for breast cancer to spread are in the bones, lungs, liver, and brain. Treatment of metastatic breast cancer depends on several factors, including prior treatment history, menopausal status, HR and HER2 status, and where the cancer has spread.

Since her diagnosis, Billie has had countless treatments and surgeries but still found strength to make her way to the gym. It takes a strong person to be able to fight through chemo and then go work out! After sitting down with her, I knew right then why she was so RESILIENT. It was because she remained faithful and she mentioned that she prays a lot, and with that, there’s nothing to debate.

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During our interview, I asked Billie what her passion in life was. She smiled big and said- besides working out, she loves assisting others in need. She also mentioned the love for coaching people upward, and helping reach their maximum potential in life, whatever that looked like for them at the time. Now you would think one would answer that question by saying all the things they wanted for themselves- yet she answered in a totally selfless way, and that answer didn’t surprise me one bit because that’s just Billie!

I had the honor of partnering up with Videographer, Jannah B, to assist with sharing Billie’s story in a beautiful way, and I must say, everything was done with grace and good taste to say the least. View Billie’s journey and hear her speak on where she is today and how she’s still being what I call a pillar of strength. Before you Click on the video to hear Billie in her own words, I asked her, what would you like for people to walk away with from your interview? Billie: To enjoy life to the fullest! There will always be ups and downs if you look at it that way. You make your life what you want it to be and when some people see it as a struggle you see it as an opportunity to soar!

Ladies! It is important to remember not to delay or put off your yearly mammogram screening. According to the CDC, it is recommended that women who are 50-74 years of age and those of average risk receive their mammograms every two years. Women who are between 40-49 years of age should talk with their primary care physician (PCP) or other health (specialist) care professional discussing when and how often one should get checked- but remember- the time frame of getting checked is different for each individual, especially if this disease run in your family. Within this video you will hear that Billie’s best friend recommended that she go see a doctor and get tested. I can imagine the anxiousness or worry about what the screening might entail or even what the results may show are common concerns, however, according to medical professionals, most women found mammograms were more comfortable than they anticipated and it’s the best way to get peace of mind about your breast health.

To all of my Ladies AND men who have survived Breast Cancer, I SALUTE YOU!!!! I ADMIRE YOUR STRENGTH!!!!!! Please do wear your title "SURVIVOR" proudly, because despite the difficult journey some of you may have faced, you still came out STRONGER! #STAYBRAVE #STAYCONFIDENT #BEBOLD

Meet Billie Adams

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