C. B. Sales Engineer Diversity Networking Reception - simmons9

Atlanta, Georgia - April  11, 2019 - Tonights, event was intimate and perfect for any college student who was interested in learning more about Sales Engineering. Hot Appetizers were served at 6 p.m. at our Cox Central Park Campus - Discover Center (6205 Peachtree Dunwoody Road, Atlanta, GA 30328) which allowed for students to eat and socialize with Cox leaders and employees. Cox Sales Engineer, Rudolph Tota was able to share a more detail Cox Business & Sales Engineer Co-op Overview of his department.

Thank you University Relations and Cox Business for hosting this event.

If anyone is interested in joining our Cox Family, please apply here: jobs.manheim.com, jobs.coxenterprises.com, jobs.cox.com and jobs.coxmediagroup.com. 

Douglas Simmons

Images by Douglas Simmons with Dream Images 

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