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WICT/WERG Speed Mentoring Event

November 16, 2017

Advance your career, further your growth in the industry and enhance your life with advice from top industry executives at Women in Cable Telecommunications (WICT) Speed Mentoring in Atlanta, hosted by Cox-WERG. 

My top three favorite things about Speed Networking!

Connect with Everyone in the Room – With the Speed networking format you get 4 minutes or so to talk to each person and at the end of the session you have time to connect with anyone you may have related with.

Organization and structure - Effectively market with everyone in the room by maximizing your time at the forum making sure you meet the people that can offer you real business opportunities.

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Fun - As professionals we often neglect fun. We are laser focused on our career, our brands and our businesses. At a Speed networking event you will have a great time while interacting with people with similar goals as yours.