LGBTQ+, Ally & Safe Zones

By Douglas Simmons

Atlanta, Ga- The energy in the room on March 15th was exciting and inspiring. The COX Pride ERG held its first event for 2017 on Wednesday, March 15th. Jonelle Shields McKenzie facilitated a great panel discussion on having a better understanding of how Leaders embrace and leverage diversity to foster productivity, the importance of creating an environment that encourages employees to bring their whole self to work and most importantly obtaining a greater appreciation for the LGBT+ & Ally work experience on all of our COX Campuses.

On behalf of the COX PRIDE ERG Leadership Team, Thank you Jonelle, panelist and guests for sharing your perspectives.

COX -  Diversity & Inclusion 

Cox's commitment to supporting diversity and inclusion starts at the top with our President, Pat Esser, who chairs our National Diversity & Inclusion Council. This group is composed of senior leaders from across our company. The National Diversity & Inclusion Council has helped maintain a culture that keeps diversity at the forefront of our organization. It also leads the development and implementation of our annual Diversity Strategy goals for the business.

Understanding the Experience Post Interviews

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