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Educate & Engage

The effective ingredients for a successful ERG include education and engagement.

April 12, Atlanta, Ga. –Meet your CCI Employee Resource Groups were hosted by: The CCI Young Professionals, Black African American, Pride, and Women’s ERGs alongside the Atlanta Diversity & Inclusion Council. Over 50 employees took time out of their afternoon to gather additional information about the ERG programs.

Mark Greatrex, EVP and Chief Marketing & Sales Officer; Young Professional ERG Executive Sponsor, was the guest speaker and asked for the employees to get involved and join an ERG that appeals to them.

ERGs Mission

The mission of CCI's Employee Resource Groups is to be a catalyst for fostering an inclusive environment that promotes the personal development of our people, while positively impacting our business.

What are the CCI Employee Resource Groups?

Cox considers the Employee Resource Groups (ERG) as important partners in advancing its commitment to diversity and inclusion. Cox recognizes that ERGs help strengthen our industry position as an employer and provider of choice.

Cox Diversity

Diversity and inclusion has been at the core of Cox Communications’ mission and values for more than 50 years. At Cox, we strive to have an inclusive workplace where differences are welcomed and respected.

Diversity and inclusion enable us to engage and connect with our people, provide products and services that fit the needs of our diverse customers, partner with diverse suppliers and support and connect with the diverse communities we serve. Our goal is to make all of these connections strong, long-lasting and broad-based.

Diversity and inclusion is not just about race, ethnicity and gender. It can also include age, physical abilities, religious beliefs, military status, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, other ideologies etc.