COX ERG- Young Professional ERG Millennial Panel - simmons9

COX ERG- Young Professional ERG Millennial Panel

December 2, 2016

By- Douglas Simmons

Photographer - Douglas Simmons

Lauren Powell

(Centered on the left) 

I really want the audience to remember that it is important for them to step outside of their comfort zone, do not be afraid to take risk, put yourself out there because that is what your meter is going to be ….that is how you are going to set yourself apart from everyone else.

Chris Kholousa- Everyone should have "Three Mentors"

(Centered on the right)

Mentors outside of work. Family Member , friend or someone....someone that gives you a different perspective that is not necessarily align with how you are operating with at work.

Peer Mentor- This is the person that is doing the same role that you are doing. A person that you discuss your ideas with and have those courage conversations with. This will help yourself and reevaluate where you are going; to make sure you are on track.

Person you want to be- By title, by person - inspiring to what that next level is…. This is the person you want to learn from.

Wrapping all three mentors together, they must reflect the same CORE Values you have. You cannot have a mentor that does not have the same CORE Values. If you cannot learn how to operate within those CORE Values that you believe in, then you will have a difficult time being successful because you will always come back to asking yourself if you are doing right or wrong.