Remember Everyone Deployed(R.E.D.)

By: Douglas Simmons

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Photos by: Dream Images Productions

Atlanta, Ga- June 7, 2019, Today I had the pleasure of photographing some members of the COX' Veterans Employee Resource Group(ERG), Salute. The ERG spread the word regarding R.E.D. Fridays, an important cause supported over the years by wearing RED on Fridays to Remember Everyone Deployed.

I spoke with Oscar LaMadrid, USMC Veteran, who helped organize the weekly R.E.D. efforts. (On right side in image)

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Photos by: Dream Images Productions

Q. Oscar, why is Salute ERG important to you?

A. I am merely a veteran who has served for 12 yrs in the US Marines Scout. So, when the Salute ERG asks for guidance I try to help when possible.

Q. Tell me about your organization, Angles Alive Incorporated and why is R.E.D. important to you?

A. Angels Alive Inc. I founded Angels Alive Inc. a Georgia 501c3 not for profit entity, and we help veterans in crisis get the stability needed and assist their reentry into society with gainful employment with our network of sponsors. We Sponsor hot Christmas meals for over 4K , We sponsor resume writing and have partnered with The Mens Warehouse team to provide a new interview suit free of charge for veterans, We also believe in having lots of fun and offer a PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) certification to any Veteran all year around.

RED, My local campaign to provide awareness for the citizens of our cities to Remember Everyone Deployed. Having 2 deployments under my belt, I understand the Marines perspective and challenges brought by such deployments. From a citizens / family perspective it has so many additional challenges and our goal is to help our citizens remember those deployed and to more importantly remember their families back home pulling double duty, not only in a time of conflict but all the time.

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