COX International Day 2019

August 29, 2019 - Atlanta, Georgia- I had the pleasure of attending the 3rd annual International Day Celebration on the Cox Atlanta campus in the Central Park Rotunda. This is one of the Cox Analyst Forum signature events. This year there were 20 different tables for everyone to learn about the history, culture, and food from the original countries of various Cox employees.

The Sodexo Chefs at the Central Park and CTech Dining Centers served special menus at each culinary station. I am always in favor of the rice & peas from Jamaica!

What’s the Cox Analyst Forum?

The Cox Analyst Forum is a group dedicated to advancing their analytic skills by sharing tools, data sets, best practices, recent innovations, and strengthening their network of analysts.

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Holt, Karlene (CCI-Atlanta)  

Data Analyst - HR  

Q. Why is COX International Day important to you?

A. It allows me to be authentic and share why I am so proud of my culture. It reinforces the efforts that Cox is trying to make to encourage inclusivity while allowing others the opportunity to have a different experience even for a moment in their day.

Trinidad & Tobago


(L) Preiser, Philip (CCI-Atlanta), 

Sr Director, Technology  

Q. Why is the COX International Day important to you? 

A. I love to celebrate the diversity and bonds we all share. Cox fully demonstrates the beauty of our big global family when we get together like this.

I represent the beautiful island of Haiti. 


(R) Chacko, Shirley (CCI-Atlanta-Office)

Business Analyst  

Q.  Why is The COX International Day Important to you?

A. It’s important cause you embrace your own culture and others for being who they are. I’m racially ambiguous looking and love them all. I supported them all.

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