Rico Peña

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Company: Peña Global

Position/Title: CEO/Master Trainer

Rico has over 25 years of experience working with C suite executives in leadership, communication, team management and strategic business development.

He has led many of the change efforts that have resulted in higher performance, impact and growth to companies such as The CDC, Georgia Power, SunTrust Bank, Delta airlines and Freddie Mac to name a few.

An award winning dynamic bilingual facilitator, speaker, author and certified behavior and body language expert, Rico combines his military training with his business background to bring a laser focus to detail and tactical solutions that always delivers to the bottom line.

Through his experiences both as a Marine and in business he has seen the benefit and need for diversity and how it can be a “Game Changer” for many industries. Much like the industrial and technological revolution fundamentally change the human race, He believes diversity is the foundation in which the next human evolution will be written upon.


TITLE:  Lead from the front? A Marine’s guide to effective leadership, no matter who you are.

SUMMARY: We all have the ability to lead and to inspire others to be their best, however, it may not always feel that way. Many times it seems some people are born to lead while other appear to just want to be in the background. Is leading from the front the right way the best way? In this training I will show you how different temperaments can be effective leaders in their own way, I will also provide you with a process I learned as a leader in the United States Marine CORPS on how to take the idea of a leader and turn it into action.

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