NAMIC-Atlanta Presents East Meets West

Written by Avia Meadows | Images: Douglas Simmons

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ATLANTA, GA – May 18, 2017 — In celebration of Asian Pacific Heritage Month, NAMIC Atlanta partnered with the APA to bring together a panel of bright and diverse speakers to explore their personal journeys as minorities in corporate America. The topic was “The current state of Asian Americans in the industry and the common challenges that unite everyone as a community”. Three key messages came to light through our discussion

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“If there is a skill that you need, do not wait on it, go out and get it!” – Tina Simmons

Most of the panelist touched on the importance of skill sets, and they can attribute much of their successes to the skills that they learned. Mark Cheng, VP of NOGGIN, shared that he found a gap in his knowledge and where he saw his future in the workplace going. He took it upon himself to learn HTML and coding which ultimately gave him a diverse skill set, leading him to have choice in his career path. However, the audience also learned that it is not only tactical skills that one must seek but soft skills as well. Susan Jin Davis, SVP of Operations Compliance at Comcast Cable, spoke to the fact that she had to learn which soft skills to use to get a seat at the table as a female. She learned that direct contact is extremely valuable, and she decided to find her own unique ways to connect with leaders within her establishment which then allowed her to be heard and valued at the company.

“If you are interested, then join them to learn more.” – Jennifer Mirgorod

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The panel stressed the importance of joining an affinity group. Jennifer Mirgorod, SVP of Sales and Marketing at Turner Network, worked in Hong Kong for much of her career and upon her return to the States she decided to become part of an Asian American affinity group in her company. By joining an affinity group, it has exposed her to many things, as well as expanded her knowledge of the culture.

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Understanding the issues.

By tying the first two messages together that our panelist gave us we find that understanding the issues that minorities face is critical. Whether it be understanding which skill sets minority groups need to move up in the workplace, joining an affinity group to be inclusive and further your own knowledge. Understanding issues that are happening amongst us will help better us in the long run. Because one cannot solve problems unless they are included in these conversations and understand the issues that many face.


• Tina Simmons – SVP of Human Resources, Comcast Cable


• Mark Cheng – VP, NOGGIN

• Jennifer Mirgorod – SVP of Sales and Marketing, Turner Network

• Susan Jin Davis – SVP of Operations Compliance, Comcast Cable

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